K Swap Thru Frame Hardware Kit By MPC

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• Get rid of those old, corroded bolts!

• MPC Kits are sealed and will not corrode like other kits on the market

• Precision CNC Machined Billet Washers

• High Strength Rust Resistant Bolts


Our Thru Frame Mount Hardware Includes High Strength Bolts & Hundred Proof Billet Washers to Replace the two (2) long bolts that go thru the frame on EG / DC chassis K Swapped vehicles.


DISCLAIMER:  These products are anodized.  They may discolor or fade over time from extended exposure to UV rays, abrasives, or certain cleaning solutions.


If your vehicle is equipped with factory nuts welded inside the frame, they must be slightly drilled out (we recommend a 25/64" drill bit) so that the new bolts will pass thru the frame.  Once thru the frame, use the provided nuts and washers to secure them.