Wiper Cowl Hardware Kit By MPC

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• Get rid of those old, broken plastic wiper cowl clips!

• Precision CNC Machined Billet Washers

• Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Bolts

  • Our 21pc Wiper Cowl Hardware Kit includes new, stainless steel bolts, Billet Hundred Proof Hardware & Neoprene Rivnuts to mount up your cowl!  This kit replaces the brittle plastic OEM clips.


    DISCLAIMER:  These products are anodized.  They may discolor or fade over time from extended exposure to UV rays, abrasives, or certain cleaning solutions.


    • 92-95 EG Honda Civic
    • 94-01 DC Acura Integra

    • 96-00 EK Honda Civic