SRK-123H Lotus Steering Wheel Hub Adapter – by NRG

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This hub adapter is made by NRG.

This hub is a non-crushable design and is a slim hub adapter that is designed to be used in junction with a quick release unit. Running this hub adapter without a quick release may place the steering wheel too close to the stalks.

If you are running a Grip Royal Steering Wheel, we recommend the use of the Rotator Spacer Kit when running an NRG brand hub adapter to ensure all items are installed as originally intended while maintaining the correct orientation.

Compatible with:

All: Lotus S2 V6 Exige Roadster
04-11: Lotus S2 2ZZ Elise
06-10: Lotus S2 1ZZ Elise
11-14: Lotus S2 1.6 Elise

*This hub is intended for racing and off-road use and is advertised to fit the physical steering column of the listed vehicle applications.